Victoria Beckham doesn’t understand crop tops

The former Spice Girl turned fashion designer has admitted that she isn’t a fan of the crop-top fashion trend, as she also bemoaned the idea of people wearing jackets that hang off their shoulders and just rest on their arms.

Asked on The Ellen Degeneres Show what fashion trends she doesn’t understand, the 45-year-old beauty said: “Crop tops. I’m noticing a lot of people wearing a lot of crop tops. Actually you know, another thing – when they wear their jacket down just resting on the back of their arms. Do you know what I mean? They want to look like they’re not trying.”

Victoria pursued a career in fashion following the break up of the Viva Forever hitmakers, and launched her eponymous fashion label in 2008, with a lower-priced diffusion label following in 2011.

And the star – who was known as Posh Spice within the Spice Girls – recently admitted that she had been “very aware” of preconceptions about herself before joining the fashion industry.

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She said: “I was very aware of the preconceptions, being married to David Beckham, being a Spice Girl, all of a sudden here’s a collection, I knew that eyes would roll. I focused on making it all about the clothes and not listening to any of that.”

Victoria was named a Fashion Icon in 2018 and in her acceptance speech, she name checked the Spice Girls‘ “girl power” motto in her acceptance speech

Referencing a lyric from their debut single Wannabe, she said: “I always told myself, ‘Dream big and then dream even bigger’. And I wanted to show that if I can do it, anyone can do it. And what you can achieve really can be limitless…

“They told me at the table, they said, ‘You come all the way from London, you gotta get up there and give ’em what they want, what they really, really want… So many years ago, I started with girl power, and now that message is just as strong as ever but now it’s through the privilege of being able to empower women through my designs.”


Author: BANG Showbiz