Love may be blind, but your gut feeling is not

Dating in 2019 is hard. Getting out there and meeting new people can be a total mission (especially if you work full time), and who’s to say you’ll even have an ‘in-real-life’ connection with a stranger that you met on a dating app?

Let’s not even get into the potential awkwardness of a first date…

What do you wear? What do you talk about? What if he’s weird? Wait a minute, what if you’re weird?

First dates are either a complete hit and blossom into meaningful relationships, or an absolute disaster and fizzle at first sight.

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To help you not waste time on those that are bound to fizzle, we’ve put together five first-date red flags.

5 First-date red flags

  1. He goes on and on about your pretty eyes or rocking bod. While compliments are always welcome, going on and on about your looks probably means that your looks are all he’s interested in!
  2. He keeps checking his phone. Really, if he’s not an on-call doctor, he shouldn’t be checking his phone every five minutes. Is he on a date with you or his phone?
  3. He avoids personal questions. Not wanting to recount traumatic childhood memories is one thing, but not wanting to share where he lives? Well, that’s a whole different ball game… Run!
  4. He talks about his ex. A lot. Wait, is this a first date or a therapy session? If he keeps reminiscing about his ex, chances are he’s not over her…
  5. He says ‘yes’ to all your questions. Finding out that you have a lot in common is great, but when he nods his head at every song you like or point you make, then you should be worried. Perfect match? We don’t think so. Either he is trying too hard or he probably doesn’t see any kind of future with you, and just wants to get you into bed!