You may not see it in your pictures, and it definitely won’t be in your wedding video, but your bridal scent is an important part of your big day

Choose a scent that suits your style, your mood and the memories you want to make on your wedding day.

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The romantic bride

You’ve got a picture montage of you and your future husband from birth to the day you first met playing out to the song that was on in the coffee shop the day you first met. The song isn’t actually romantic, but it means so much to both of you.

If you can relate to that, then you are definitely a romantic bride. You’ve put personal details on every part of your wedding. This is after all the beginning of the rest of your life.

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Your bridal fragrance is floral and sweet, it’s something so distinct you can smell it anywhere and be transported right back to your big day.

bridal scent

Try: Este Lauder Beautiful Belle R789, Superbalist

The laid-back bride

You are an easy-going bride. For you, it’s more about celebrating all the events that have brought you to your wedding day and all the people who’ve come to share the day with you.

Of course, you want a beautiful day, but you also know that this is just one day in your lives together. Your menu is made up of your favourite foods (this could even mean pizza). Your wedding is trendy and relaxed – and your fragrance should be too.

Your bridal scent is inspired by nature, while it is floral it is also earthy and spicy.

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bridal scent

Try: Elizabeth Arden White tea R224.25, Edgars

The party bride

Your wedding is definitely a celebration. You see yourself more as the host than the guest of honour, and you’ve made sure all your guests’ needs have been met.

Your big day is going to be as big as your personality, so you need a fragrance to match.

A signature fragrance with a distinct scent that is noticeable, but not overpowering is what you’re looking for. It’s not an easy one to find.

bridal scent

Try: Jimmy Choo Blossom R985, Clicks

The traditional bride

You’re doing things by the book. You’d love nothing more than to match your heirloom engagement ring with the princess ball gown your grandmother wore for her wedding.

You’re a classic! For your classy traditional day, you’re definitely aiming for a mild and feminine scent.

bridal scent

Try: Estee Lauder pleasures R1865, Estee Lauder

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