Losing weight after giving birth is no easy task. It usually takes moms up to or over a year to return to their pre-baby figure

Celebrities like Kate Hudson and Cardi B turned to postpartum pole dancing to help them shed the kilograms.

“I had six packs because I used to pole dance every single day,” Cardi B said about why she loves pole dancing.

Here’s a look at five famous moms who enjoy pole dancing to stay fit…

Kate Hudson

Mom-of-three Kate Hudson takes her fitness very seriously. She loves working out so much that she co-founded an activewear brand called ‘Fabletics’. One of her favourite ways to maintain her weight, especially after three kids, is pole dancing. She installed a pole in her home so she can practice her moves.

In her book, Pretty Happy: Healthy Ways to Love Your Body, Kate revealed that people constantly asked her how she lost her baby weight. She realized that patience is the key to loving your body.

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“If you want to make lifestyle changes, it doesn’t happen with a Like on Instagram. It takes time and discipline… I didn’t just wake up one day understanding how to take care of myself. I had to learn how to do so over time, and I continue to learn – each and every day.

“This is a process, and my body is constantly changing. So is yours. And when I learned how to accept that I will always be like this, I relaxed. Our bodies do not stand still for time,” she wrote in her book.



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Day 6 Night workout ✨💃✨ @sheilakelleysfactor #ShapeOfYou @Fabletics #TGIF #10DaysOfGettingBackOnTrack #Refocusing

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Okay my friends, wanted to share! I’m a couple lbs from goal weight! I’ve done it without stressing on food or working out like crazy although I have been disciplined. I’ve taken my time, I’ve stayed true to my @ww app which I am so grateful for our relationship and that they included me in their family because it’s an incredible set up. Easy as pie! And I can eat pie… except it’s anywhere from 9-22 points which is not the best move… I personally go for the 5 point wine or vodka martini for a treat 😳 I digress… What I am posting is a huge gratitude post! I feel lucky that my other work life (when my entrepreneur hat 🎩 is on) is surrounded by the most inspiring people. To every single person in the @fabletics community and every person in the @ww community, you keep me focused and encouraged. I thank you! Yes, active lifestyle I find enjoyable and yes, understanding food is a passion of mine but it doesn’t mean that I don’t need the support like everyone else. Sharing the little parts of my wellness journey with you makes me feel oh so good. I can only hope that what I put out there can make you feel good and bring encouragement in return. Love, Kate 🙏 PS I ain’t done yet! 😜 #NoFilter #AndILoveAFilter 😉

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Pearl Thusi

Pearl Thusi enjoys fun workouts to stay in shape. Her fitness routine includes yoga, hiking with her daughters, walking her dogs and cardio. She has also tried pole dancing lessons and dance to keep fit. The mom-of-two oozes body confidence and it shows on her Instagram page which has numerous pictures of her sexy bikini snaps.

“I really like the fun aspects, the spontaneity aspect of exercise,” she told Women’s Health about the fun ways she stays fit while travelling for work.

She hopes to share her lessons on self-esteem and confidence with her children.

“A little girl’s self-esteem is the key to changing her own life, changing the lives of people around her and the legacy of everything she touches. Self-love and self-belief are the key ingredients to a healthy self-esteem,” she wrote on Instagram.


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Nkateko ‘Takkies’ Maswanganye

Dancer Takkies is a big fans of fun exercise routines. She started a fitness class called ‘Rocking ‘n Heels’ to help women not only lose weight but build their confidence. Takkies, who is the mom of one-year-old Sana, went pole dancing earlier this year with some of her girlfriends.

“I went for a Pole Fitness class with my girls and it was so much fun. This is another fun way of getting fit and spending time with your girls,” she wrote on Facebook.


Takkies also includes her daughter in some of her workouts.



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