Who said that separation had to be the end of the story?

Running into someone we used to love is never easy, but it’s even harder to give our former flame a second chance. We think that if we re-open the door to our past love we’re setting ourselves up for the same heartbreaking pain of the past. But we must consider that giving our ex-lover a second chance can work out if we’re willing to change for each other. Who said that separation is the end of the story?

We all have someone who ‘got away’, and we should consider giving our old flame a second chance. Here are five reasons we should give our past love interests another shot:

1. We all deserve lasting happiness

Sometimes life forces us to separate from the people we love most. At other times, we make the mistake of walking away from true love. But whatever the case, we shouldn’t stop living on our own terms, even if that means finding happiness with an old flame.

2. We should do what’s right, not what’s easy

Perhaps it’s easier to say goodbye and just leave. But some of the hardest, most inexplicable things that happen in life turn out to be best for us. We may not have a successful relationship the first time around, but if we have the chance to try again, maybe it’s a sign that we should take the risk of rekindling our old relationship.

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3. We didn’t appreciate the relationship the first time

Maybe we didn’t appreciate how much our partners cared when they were with us. Maybe we weren’t mature enough or we set our sights elsewhere instead of seeing the love our former flame showed us. But starting over with a newfound appreciation for our partners is beautiful. Second chances (or third, fourth and fifth chances) are the golden opportunities we thought were too good to be true the first time around.

4. Love always rises to the surface

We may believe that our love sank with the death of our previous relationship, but the truth is that all love is buoyant. Try again, because if the love between us and our partner was there in the first place, it will rise above anything that could bring us down.

5. We shouldn’t let fear stop us from trying again

Love can bring fears, failures and indescribable pain. But what separates successful relationships from unsuccessful ones is the courage to try again. Instead of backing down, we should fight to keep our partner if we believe in their love, even if that means we try again.

Giving our partner a second chance can be terrifying, but even when we walk away from our relationship, we should consider fighting for our old flame. When we take the risk and seek out true love, we’ll rediscover the magic of new connection, passion and romance.