4.     Explore alternative meats

We are creatures of habit. We grow up eating certain things, these become acceptable to us, and we continue to eat them.

On the meat side of things, we like beef, pork, lamb, and chicken. But have you ever thought about eating venison, turkey, or ostrich?

These all taste amazing, and they’re healthier than some of the other options – lower in fat, particularly. Venison is wild meat, and so it hasn’t been injected with artificial growth hormones. If you’re able to source venison, it’s a great addition to your braais.

Venison Steaks with a Red Wine Sauce recipe

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Lamb or Venison Potjie recipe

5.     Make a little effort with your oats

Instant oats help us to make a tasty, easy, quick breakfast. There are lots of flavours, and they just require some boiling water, and they’re cooked.

But have you ever looked at the ingredients list?

They can be pretty loaded with added sugar. So while you may think you’re having a healthy breakfast, you’re actually eating “sweets”.

Make your own oats instead, and flavour them with raisins, cinnamon and honey. Then you’ll be getting what you thought you were before – healthy food.


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