2.     Cook your Italian the healthy way

If you’re making a pizza or pasta dish, then you’re probably adding a LOT of cheese and sauce.

The way to rescue these meals is to halve the quantity of these items. You’ll still have all of the flavour, without getting all the calories and fats.

If you’re making pasta, make sure you’re using whole-wheat pasta, and if you must have some pizza, make sure you measure your portion sizes so that you don’t overdo it.

This way, you can have comforting Italian food and still be on diet. Good deal!

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3.     Eat fruit, don’t drink it

Fruit juice is a confusing thing. If it’s 100% pure fruit, it should be healthy and good for your diet right?

Sadly NO.

It’s so highly concentrated (lots of sugar), and so lacking in fibre that it’s actually not so good for you. If you want to have fruit in liquid form, put the whole fruit into a smoothie. If you’re drinking fruit juice because you need to eat fruit, then rather eat whole fresh fruits. And if you are drinking fruit juice because you’re thirsty, drink some water instead.

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