You could boost your weight-loss results by making these five simple food swaps…

Here are some tips to make your meals healthier, with fewer calories but without having to resort to only eating dry rice cakes!

Here are some trades you can make in your diet to decrease unhealthy calories, get more nutrition into your meals, be healthier, AND lose more weight.

1.     Bake or grill, don’t fry

We all know that eating fish regularly is an important task for the health and weight conscious. Fish is high in protein and fatty acids, and low in calories and saturated fat, so it’s a great diet food.

But many of the people eating fish regularly are making one mistake: they’re eating it fried. Fried fish is cooked in vegetable oil – which is not good for you – and this makes a healthy meal unhealthy. So when you have fish cook (or order) it grilled or baked instead. You’ll save around 75 calories per piece, and only eat half the amount of saturated fat, too.

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Parsley and Lemon Baked Fish Fillets recipe

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