It’s a job everyone hates, but it’s also an important one…

Cleaning the gutters makes sure your roof, walls and house aren’t at risk of flooding and water damage.

It also prevents gutters rusting before their time, keeping your property looking good for longer.

A clogged gutter can even place strain on the roof through the weight!

It’s a messy job, but one that’s simple to do.

  • You’ll want to grab some old clothes and long rubber gloves to protect your hands.
  • Make sure you have someone to hold the ladder for you – safety first!
  • Then it’s a simple matter of scooping the dirt out of the gutter with a shovel.
  • We advise dropping the mess onto a tarp, rather than onto your lawn, to avoid weeds and nuisance seeds taking root.
  • Finish off by flushing the gutters and down pipes with a hose, and you’re done!

It’s no one’s favourite job, but with this one in the bag your home will be ready for the summer rains.

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