Do you take your ear health for granted? Many people do.

You should never take any aspect of your health (even ear health!) for granted. Tender care and regular check-ups should be a priority when it comes to taking care of your body.

Here are some important things to bear in mind about ear health.

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Protection against loud sounds and noises

If you are constantly or regularly exposed to loud sounds or noises, it would be beneficial to protect your ears from it. Using earplugs is one way to do so, if you are unable to remove yourself from the environment. For example, construction workers need to be on site and it may be difficult for them to move away from noise. Earplugs may be useful in this situation.

Give your ears a break from listening to hours of loud music. Similarly, if you have headphones, ensure that they are set at a suitable volume so that no damage is caused to your ears.

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