Tangerine, lemongrass, jasmine tea… fill your home with fragrance and save the planet at the same time

If, like us, you also get excited about eco-friendly cleaning products, then check out the fragrances (and recyclable packaging) in the rebranded #WoolworthsEarthFriendly range.

The Woolworths range of eco-friendly products has been around for ten years but, over the past decade, consumers have been demanding more options to reduce the impact of their household waste on the environment, especially when it comes to diminishing the use of new plastic.

This led to the decision by Woolworths to reformulate its current Earth Friendly products, by expanding the range to include a total of 24 eco-cleaning and seven plastic-alternative household items.

These are some of our favourites from the rebranded Earth Friendly cleaning products range:


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  • All-in-one Tangerine & Lemongrass auto dish wash pods, R189,99 for 40
  • Fragrance Free hand wash 250ml, R49,99
  • Eucalyptus & Black Pepper toilet cleaner 500 ml, R49,99
  • Cucumber & Jasmine Tea dish wash soap 500ml, R49,99
  • Cucumber & Jasmine Tea surface wipes, R79,99 for 50
  • Eucalyptus & Black Pepper no flush toilet drops 120ml, R39,99

Break the single-use cycle and go plastic-free with these food carrying items

You can now break your single-use plastic habits at home with Beeswax food wraps, PVC-free silicone food covers and insulated PVC-free sandwich bags.

And when ‘on the go’, food carrying items like lunch pots, utensil sets and travel mugs, made from wheat straw – a sustainable food by-product and renewable resource – make the single-use plastic-free lifestyle even easier.

We love the Wheat Straw utensil set (knife, fork and spoon) in convenient carry container, R69,99 and the Wheat Straw travel mug, with twist seal lid, R79,99

And this is why we recommend that you use them too…

Cleaning products are free of potentially harmful substances such as chlorine, phosphates, dyes or parabens, triclosan and artificial colours.

The Earth Friendly range uses only naturally derived, active ingredients, endorsed by Beauty Without Cruelty (BWC).

The packaging of the entire Woolworths Earth Friendly range is fully recyclable.

Packaging features that are firsts for household cleaning in South Africa:

  • No metal elements, like springs in our pumps or triggers and the doy bags for the laundry dish wash pods are now made from a single source polymer (polyethylene), meaning that they are fully recyclable.
  • Includes products packaged in Green Plastic HDPE bottles. (Green Plastic is plastic that doesn’t use ethylene gas from fossil fuel (oil) to make the polyethylene it uses ethylene extracted from sugar cane, so no longer dependant on a non-renewable resource but 100% renewable).
    These Green Plastic HDPE bottles are fully recyclable and do not disrupt or contaminate existing HDPE recycling streams in South Africa.
  • Packaging of the Earth Friendly products contains a minimum of 25% of post-consumer recycled plastics with six products’ packaging made entirely (100%) from post-consumer content contributing to a circular plastic economy and boosting the recycling industry.

Disclosure: All4Women was sent the products featured in this article. We write about products we are sent at our discretion.