We were invited by Spur to taste the new plant-based meals on their menu, and were very happy to put the burgers to the test – and the veggie strips salad, and the schnitzels, and the quesadillas…

Chris, the manager at Georgia Spur, prepared two magnificent platters for us, so that we could sample all the new additions to the vegetarian and plant-based menu

The starter: avo and veggie strip salad

A big bowl of crunchy greens, lots of sliced avo and veggies strips (to supply the protein), makes this a full, balanced meal for non-meat eaters. We shared one of these for a starter: loading up on greens made us feel (slightly) less guilty about all the chips and onion rings we were planning to eat. (You can’t go to Spur and skip the onion rings!)

The plant protein burger is made from a bean protein – and tastes as similar to meat as you’re going to get from a vegan meal. Spur’s legendary basting marinade was used to cook it (the meat-free food is prepared separately to the beef, fish and chicken so there’s no danger of cross-contamination, explained Chris) so the barbecued taste that South Africans have come to love from Spur burgers, is in the plant protein burgers too.


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And then there’s vegan cheese…

If you’ve ever considered going vegan but can’t deal with a future without cheese, then you have to try vegan cheese. It’s not at all bland and plasticky, but rich and strong – almost like a mature cheddar. Spur tops their vegetarian burger with it – and uses it as a filling in their cheese and chicken-style strip-filled quesadillas.

After gorging on chicken-style and veggie burgers, we tried the chicken-style schnitzels – tender and tasty, and flavoured with a hint of garlic and mustard and smothered (by us) with sweet chilli sauce.

And of course, everyone can enjoy Spur’s iconic chips and battered onion rings, so vegans and vegetarians can join the party the next time your friends suggest meeting for dinner at Spur.

All4Women was a guest at Georgia Spur, Shelly Beach, in exchange for a review.