It may seem a quaint image – hauling out the rugs and beating them over the washing line. Surely, in this modern we don’t need to do the same?

You’d actually be surprised! That’s why we’re taking a closer look.

Before the invention of the vacuum, beating and sweeping hard were the only ways to get a rug clean. Obviously, we now have these handy tools to get the job done.

Yet small particles of dust and debris are left behind after even the most extensive vacuuming. Over time, these will build up, and can even damage the carpet pile.

Likewise, day-to-day living will slowly ‘crush’ the fibres of the carpet, leaving it flatter and duller than it should be.

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By beating out your area rugs once every quarter, or at least twice a year, you’ll keep them cleaner than ever, and they’ll last longer (and look great) too.

For installed carpets, you can get a similar effect with a thorough steam clean – but make sure you use the right type.

You want to use a steam cleaner that also pulls the dirty water out of the carpet and away into the unit, not just wetting the rug.

This other type will ‘fluff’ the carpet, but will leave dirt and debris behind instead of truly cleaning it.

It’s well worth caring for your rugs properly, as they will give you years of great-looking service.