When it comes to our appliances keeping a clean home isn’t just a matter of pride – it can also save you a lot of money…

That’s because well-maintained appliances draw less power and work more efficiently.

While we’re sure the dryer and washing machine filter gets cleaned out regularly, when was the last time you looked at your fridge?

Not inside, either! We’re talking the ‘coils’ on the back

Due to the electric current running through them, they become traps for dust, grease and dirt. Not only does this reduce cooling efficiency and cost electricity, but it can also put the machine at risk of shorting out completely.

A simple vacuum will sort out most of the problem

Of course, you’ll want to unplug the fridge temporarily first! A slightly damp cloth to clean up what’s left, and your fridge will be back to peak efficiency.

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Aim to clean up your fridge (back) at least once a year, and you’ll reap rewards on your electricity bill as well as the satisfaction of a job well done.