A lack of sleep is one reason why disadvantaged groups of people have more heart disease…

This is according to a recent study published in Cardiovascular Research, a journal of the European Society of Cardiology.

People with lower socioeconomic status lack sleep for a variety of reasons – they may have several jobs, work in shifts, live in noisy environments, and have greater levels of emotional and financial stress.

The large population-based study, which pooled data from 111 205 study participants from four European countries, found that short sleep explained 13.4% of the link between occupation and coronary heart disease in men.

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For the study, socioeconomic status was classified as low, middle, or high according to the father’s occupation and personal occupation.

History of coronary heart disease and stroke was obtained from clinical assessment, medical records, and self-report.

Average sleep duration was self-reported and categorised as recommended or normal sleep (6 to 8.5), short sleep (6), and long sleep (more than 8.5) hours per night.

Source: European Society of Cardiology via EurekAlert