We’re inclined to forget curtains even exist, let’s be honest, but the combination of atmospheric dust and exposure to moisture means they can be a literal dust-trap…

For people with allergies – and even just those who appreciate a clean home – regular cleaning is a must.

That’s not to say it’s always easy! Ideally, look to buy curtains that are machine washable where possible, as this saves a lot of hassle.

You may, however, need to use a cleaning or laundering service with industrial machines for very large, bulky items.

Many steam cleaners also come with curtain-cleaning attachments, allowing you to clean them in situ. Make sure you use one that actually pulls the dirt back into the unit, however, or you won’t be doing much good.

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For items that can’t be machine washed, toss them in the tumble dryer on a no-heat setting

Add a damp towel, and set them going for 20 minutes. The towel will attract debris like pet hair, while the shaking, fluffing movement will clean off most dust and lighter particles.