There’s an art to decorating, that’s for sure. And if ever there’s been a controversial arena, it’s how high your pictures should be hung!

We take a closer look at this thorny subject, to help you balance your decor stress-free

The general rule of thumb for any wall-mounted art is ‘hang at eye level’. Of course, eye level is pretty subjective depending on your height!

What these guys generally mean by ‘eye height’ is around 145 cms off the ground.

This is a great guideline to start with, and generally sufficient for small items. It will, however, need tweaking a little for larger pieces of art.

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Most regularly, you want this ‘sweet spot’ to fall about ? from the bottom of the frame for big pieces. This should leave your wall balanced and the art accessible to all onlookers, no matter the size.

While there’s always a little discretion in art, this general rule-of-thumb should help you get a balanced look you’ll love.