Louder for the people in the back… there is NO quick fix for losing weight!

Celebs can try as they might to convince you (and don’t for a second think they use the products they advertise themselves); but there’s no proof any tea, pill or shake is going to help you lose weight without hurting you!

Furthermore the following stars also leave out some pretty important information from their weight-loss posts – nasty side-effects like cramping, stomach pains, diarrhoea, dehydration and major digestion and metabolism problems!

Don’t be fooled! Take a look at these stars who’ve been dragged for dodgy diet posts…

Kim’s appetite suppressing lollipop

Just lick a lollipop and watch the weight melt off, claims Kim.

Yeah right!

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Amber Rose’s ‘anti-bloating’ tea

A then pregnant Amber was put on blast for advertising a tea which assisted in bloating of your mid-section!

Blac Chyna’s magic pills

The reality star gets a fat pay cheque for promoting questionable slimming tablets on her Instagram.

In real life she’s confessed to having liposuction, a butt lift and a boob job to achieve her physique.