Last updated on Sep 11th, 2020 at 10:50 am

Whether you call them trainers, takkies or “athletic shoes”, there’s no denying that sneakers are comfortable to wear, super trendy and can make an outfit pop…

When you find a pair of sneakers that you love, you want them to look great for as long as possible. We spoke to the sneaker experts at Kiwi for all their best tips on what you should (and shouldn’t) do to your sneakers, whether they’re made of leather, canvas, suede or synthetic materials.

1. Spread the love

We’re about to give you the best advice you’ll ever hear: if you want your sneakers to last longer, buy more shoes! Seriously: giving your sneakers a break by not wearing them every day means that they have a chance to rest and dry out so they’ll look like new for more than one season.

2. Get the right product

Sneakers come in all sorts of materials that need to be cared for in different ways. Sometimes the same sneaker can even be a combination of more than one material, making looking after them even more complicated.

Luckily, Kiwi has developed their genius Shoe Shampoo, which can be used on any sneaker material or type of shoe! Even better, it’s really easy to use – just moisten the shoe, spray the shampoo on and wipe clean.

Top tip: The quicker you clean off any marks on your sneakers, the easier they will be to remove.

3. Smart storage

Take a tip from real sneaker heads and store yours with scrunched up newspaper inside them. Not only will this help them to dry out properly, extending their lifespan, but it also means that they’ll keep their shape for longer and help avoid the dreaded “toe crease”.

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4. Clean them regularly

We know it’s a pain, but just like taking your make-up off at night is good for your skin, cleaning your shoes gently but more regularly is good for your sneakers. Get into the habit of giving them a quick wipe before you put them away – this will help them last longer and make them easier to clean. Kiwi Instant Cleaning Wipes make this really easy.

5. Call for reinforcements

Everyone’s feet are different, which means that everyone’s shoes wear differently – for some people, the back is the first to go, for others, the soles always deteriorate in the same spot. To make your shoes look like new for longer, try and prevent breakage before it occurs. Insoles can help soles last longer and tape on the inside of your sneaker at certain pressure points will strengthen the shoe.

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6. Stationery solution

Of course, the parts of your shoe that are most likely to get dirty are the bottom and side of the sole. If you’ve tried everything you can to remove scuff marks from the rubber portions of your shoe, you need to try a rubber eraser. Just move the eraser gently over any marks and they should disappear without damaging your sneaker.

7. Take your time

Life is hectic, we get it! But if you really want your sneakers to look newer for longer, you have to take a little more care when you put them on. Undo the laces, loosen the sides and carefully slide your foot in, making sure that you don’t crumple the back of the shoe. If you struggle with this, invest in a shoe horn to help you slip the back of your shoe over your heel without damaging the shoe.