If you’re carrying a little extra fat on your waistline (or anywhere else on your body, for that matter) then you’ve probably given serious consideration as to how to get rid of it…

The conclusion you’ve likely come to is that you need to eat less food. And while calorie restriction is an important thing to consider when you’re trying to lose fat, you can only eat so little before you begin to starve yourself, which puts your fat burning level on zero.

So what’s the other option? Well, have you ever thought that eating certain foods could help?

Here are some of the best fat-fighting foods you can eat…

1.     Eggs

Eggs are full of nutrients and protein, and one egg has only around 75 calories, and seven grams of protein. All in all, this makes the humble egg a nutritional powerhouse food for dieters. Eggs take longer to digest, and use more calories than carb-heavy foods, plus they give you a hit of protein without being too densely calorie-laden. Good deal!

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