We’re all used to seeing celebrity doppelgangers from time to time, but this week we were all convinced that we were actually looking at Pearl Thusi – such was the resemblance between the actress and her lookalike

It’s incredible to think that somewhere in the world there’s another person who looks exactly like you. It’s even more incredible when you find this person (or someone finds this person for you).

Most of us rarely ever get to meet or discover our lookalikes, but celebrities, by virtue of being in the public eye, get to find theirs a little more frequently. This week it was Pearl Thusi who found what looked like her long-lost twin and the resemblance was uncanny.

In fact, Pearl’s unofficial twin looked so much like her that even the Behind the Story presenter had to take a closer look

The discovery was made by a tweep who was just as convinced as we were that she was looking at Pearl Thusi. She shared two images of an unnamed woman who looked just like the Quantico star on Twitter:

When she discovered the post, Pearl revealed that she actually thought she was looking at pictures of herself before she realised that she had discovered a lookalike:

Pearl is not the only celebrity to have a “twin” somewhere out there in the world. Just last week fans were losing their minds when they thought that they were looking at Bonang on their timeline; only to realise that they were browsing pictures of Nigerian personality Toke Makinwa.

Have you ever discovered your own doppelganger? How did you react when you did?