Former beauty queen Babalwa Mneno took to Twitter this week to defend Nigerian superstar Burna Boy and call out South Africans for being “xenophobic”

Burna Boy is set to headline this weekend’s ‘Africans Unite’ concert in Pretoria alongside rapper Kwesta and American musician Jidenna

The concert, which is powered by Channel O, was organised to help bring the continent together after the recent xenophobic and gender-based attacks in South Africa. The attack of African foreigners in September made headlines all over the world.

Burna Boy was one of many Nigerian stars to condemn the violence. The singer vowed never to set foot in South Africa again after the violence, unless the government “wakes the f*ck up and really performs a miracle”.

AKA, who recorded his hit single All Eyes On Me with Burna Boy, was caught in the crossfire when Burna Boy told him to “beef up his security”

When the Nigerian musician was named as one of the performers at ‘Africans Unite’, social media users demanded he apologise for his previous comments. Some called for a boycott of the show, 

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Home Affairs spokesperson Mayihlome Tshwete is the latest person to demand an apology.

“Burna Boy out here acting like he is Thomas Sankara…. its not that serious. You spoke nonsense about a country that showed you love… apologize and keep it moving,” he tweeted. 

Babalwa did not waste time putting him in his place

“MAYI!!! SOUTH AFRICANS ARE XENOPHOBIC!!!!!! Majority of South Africans are xenophobic!!! Majority of South Africans hate and despise nationals from other African states!! It’s a FACT!!! You and the rest are in denial boet! BURNA saw vids like every1else &spoke out 4his ppl!,” she replied.

One Twitter user pointed out that Burna Boy’s rant started when he saw a video that had nothing to do with the SA situation. The tweep said the singer should have verified the information before going on a Twitter rant.

But Babalwa said many people are guilty of sharing information that they have not verified, including herself.

She added: “and then remember BURNAs fight got heated when aka got involved! They have their issues esingazazi thina. They wana fight each other!”

Babalwa concluded her tweets by saying that Africa needs unity.

“A UNITED AFRICA WIL BE A SERIOUS THREAT TO THE WHOLE WORLD!! This is why they forbid us to unite! These lil fights about this Zambian, the Angolan, the NIGERIAN is what they wana see!! Wake up ppl!!!!”