Look yourself in the mirror every day and remind yourself that you are worthy of love

Being cheated on sucks. It forces you to question your worth as you lament over what went wrong, and what you could have done differently.

Although being cheated on does hurt, you can use it as a learning experience for yourself and for your future relationships.

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Here are four life lessons I only learned because I was cheated on:

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1. You are good enough…

… you are smart enough… you are pretty enough. In fact, everything about you is enough.

Just because one lousy person did not see it, does not mean you aren’t perfect exactly the way you are.

2. It is NOT your fault

After being cheated on, you may question yourself; and what you could have done differently to prevent your significant other from straying.

Ultimately, you cannot control what someone else does. More importantly, you cannot control what another person feels.

You deserve to be with someone that is, at the very least, loyal. And, the person you were with, was not. That is on them – and not you. You could not have done anything differently to keep them around.

3. You will love again

Know that you will find someone better, you will fall in love and you will be happy again. Give it time, and don’t rush anything. Focus on yourself and being the best version of you, so that you can bring that into your next relationship.

4. It is okay to heal

Even though you are hurting now, it will all be okay. Use this time to grieve and to heal. Use this time to learn more about yourself and to do things that you love doing. Take up a new hobby, go out and make new friends.

Look yourself in the mirror every day and remind yourself that you are worthy of love. Learn from it. Move on. Be better. Always smile and be happy. You deserve it!

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