Bethenny Frankel has urged women to be “properly measured” for a bra

The former Real Housewives of New York City star has said that she’s “fascinated” by the high number of women who are wearing the incorrect bra size, and has spoken of the importance of attending a bra fitting to find the perfect size.

She said: “I’ve been very fascinated with the fact that none of us are wearing the right size bra. Until you get properly measured, you don’t know your right size bra which is why you’re pinching and spilling over.”

Bethenny recently teamed up with Le Mystère lingerie to host a special one-night event in which she spoke to fans and followers about all things bra, as she wanted to make sure that women are aware of bra fitting services and their importance when it comes to comfort.

And the 49-year-old television personality says that the perfect fit is only half the battle, as she also believes that it’s more important to have practical, “seamless” bras than it is to have “sexy bras”

She added to Us Weekly magazine: “90 percent of your bras should be seamless because I know we’re all so hopeful, but what percentage of the time are you really going to need that sexy lingerie bra?

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“So for me, I’m 90 percent classic and seamless – but still elegant! – and then maybe 5 to 10 percent sexy bras that do usually just sit in my drawer waiting for their moment… like if it’s Valentine’s Day or someone’s anniversary [or] there’s a unicorn jumping through my living room. One of those.”

Bethenny is no stranger to donning lingerie, as for Halloween last year she dressed up as a sexy Victoria’s Secret Angel, in an all-white lingerie set and iconic giant angel wings

The star was slammed by some for being “too old” to wear the racy costume, and she later took to social media to defend herself, as well as other stars including the Kardashian/Jenner sisters, who had worn a similar costume.

She wrote: “For those haters, I suppose that monetising reality TV is not the only good idea that the Kardashians and I have shared simultaneously.

“For those who bash theirs or my body, go hate somewhere else. We are mothers and daughters and I chose those very polarising ruffle boy shorts thus opting to not show my vagina this Halloween.

“I’m in my late 40s. This is my God given body with no receipts attached (a breast lift 12 years ago notwithstanding) to it. Perhaps next year I will go pantyless & await more constructive comments.

“To the rest of you, I had the best Halloween ever, trick or treating with my peanut then dancing w my ladies. XO (sic).”

Author: BANG Showbiz