Pro Morsi demonstrations are ongoing in Egypt after more than 50 Morsi protestors were killed in a clash with military this week…

Thousands of supporters of Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood are demonstrating in a Cairo square, waving pictures of ousted president Mohammed Morsi.
They’re chanting anti-military slogans and calling the army chief a traitor. He led the military’s removal of Morsi from office last week.
The unseating of Morsi followed demonstrations by millions of Egyptians against his rule. It was a bitter blow to the Brotherhood, which won a string of ballots, including Morsi’s election as president.
One speaker at the Friday demonstration pledged to stay on the streets until Morsi is reinstated.
“We are ready to stay for a month, two months, a year or even two years,” ultraconservative Islamist Salafi cleric Safwat Hegazi has told protesters.

Author: SAPA