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Whether you’re planning on exploring spectacular nature in the great outdoors or heading to the beach we all have a passion for enjoying an active lifestyle with those we love

Thule provides a range of premium products that will help you bring what you care for most, – safely, easily and in style – allowing you to fully enjoy your choice of activity.

Any family trip requires taking a lot of gear with you and Thule cargo carriers open up a world of possibilities on your travels. The extra space in the rooftop cargo carriers means you can take everything you need on your travels. Choose between an extra-secure roof box or an open basket that’s perfect for bulkier cargo.

Alternatively, you can go for a towbar-mounted cargo carrier that fits on the rear of the car and still gives you access to the boot.


Bike riding together as a family is a great way to bond outdoors and makes exercise fun for all. You can be assured that when buying a bike rack from Thule it is thoroughly tested to ensure your safety – and the safety of others on the road.

With various options available Thule bike racks can be mounted on your roof, towbar or on your trunk. They are also easy to mount, as well as easy to use with even the rear-mounted bike rack giving you access to the trunk. Thule Child bike seats are a must for daily commutes as well as for family adventures and are safe, easy to use and comfortable, whether the ride is short or long.

Thule backpacks are tough, versatile and comfortable making them ideal for transporting your precious cargo in town or on the trail. From laptops, camera’s, hiking gear and even kids, there’s a Thule backpack for everyone.

Thule luggage is the ideal travel companion on any trip. Both stylish and durable luggage travel bags range from rollers and carry-ons to travel accessories, duffels and sport bags. And for those of us who travel with tech gear, Thule laptop sleeves and Powershuttless will keep all your tech gadgets and gear safe and secure.

Thule strollers are also perfect for getting around town or jogging and walking on nature paths.

Built for movement, ease of use, safety, and comfort, Thule strollers let you and your kids enjoy the ride and the surroundings.

Wherever the road takes you Thule will take your carrying capacity to a new level and you’ll be guaranteed of a strong, safe and stylish space for all your extra gear (and kids!).

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