We all have those key anchors of our wardrobe that we absolutely need, but which don’t get worn often…

Perhaps it’s your LIttle Black Dress. Or your suit for important meetings.

No matter what, you don’t want to take it out of the wardrobe only to find that the long time hanging has etched a hanger crease into the fabric.

We’ve looked at a few ways you can alter your hanging technique, especially on pants, so that items always hang according to their seams. If you can’t do this with your special clothing piece, however, don’t worry – we have some solutions for you.

It pays to invest in padded hangers

The padding will help ‘fill out’ the area of fabric touching the hanger, and prevent long-term creases.

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If you cannot find this style of hanger to purchase, you can also tape shoulder pads, or slice one side of a pool noodle, to fit over the ‘arms’ of the hanger.

For pants, there’s a similar trick. Use either a section of a pool noodle, or the cardboard insert from a roller towel. Slice (carefully) through one side, and slot it over the bar of the hanger.

With the extra padding and bulk, there’s no sharp edges to settle into the fabric and create unfortunate creases.

Don’t forget to slip a dress bag (or dustbin bag) over the hanger to prevent dust and light marking the top of the garment!