This probably isn’t the first time you’ve heard this stat- but you’ve probably doubted if it’s true! Sadly, it is the absolute truth…

Unless you’re an utter slob, we tend to be very vigilant about keeping our bathroom clean, especially the toilet. However, a few other surfaces are also germ magnets that need the very same treatment, and we often neglect these.

Notable culprits are any device we interact with heavily, especially if we happen to breathe on it or press it to our faces (ladies-who-wear-makeup, take careful note).

This means our touchscreen phones can be an absolute hive of germs and bacteria. In fact, if you’re suffering from acne patches (or your teen kids are) on the cheek area, or flu is playing ‘pass the parcel’ in your home, poor phone hygiene can be a contributing cause.Wall phones, computer screens and TV remotes likewise.

Grab yourself a packet of anti-bacterial wipes from the first-aid aisle and get in the habit of using them often

Another hidden source of germs are door handles throughout the house, especially those in the bathroom and kitchen. Be sure to give them a wipe down with the same germ-busting cleaners you use on surfaces and counters.

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And lastly? Never forget about your pillowcase! It should always be laundered a lot more regularly than the rest of your bedding

For people with asthma, skin issues or allergies, you may even want to look at buying a few cheap pillowcases and swapping daily.