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The Little Things That Make a Big Difference’ is an article series outlining weight loss and diet interventions that may seem insignificant, but can make a huge difference to the success of your diet plan.

Condiments are calories too

I get it. You want to eat super tasty food all the time. And sauces and other condiments added to food can help make that happen… (especially if you’re not good at using spices to add flavour).

But have you ever thought about how many extra calories you’re adding to your diet every day just in sauces? Have you ever thought about not using butter on a sandwich if you’re going to add peanut butter and jam anyway…?

What if I told you that a steak can taste just as good with a (non-sugary) marinade and spices as it does with a huge dollop of mushroom sauce? Or that you can enjoy movie house popcorn without sprinkling butter-flavoured salt all over it?

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Condiments are calories too

Understanding this is one of the keys to trimming down your daily intake.

You don’t have to say no to the steak, just to the mushroom and cheese sauce. If you’re on a diet, excess is your enemy, and you need to fight against it. One of the best ways to do this is by cutting excess condiments from your diet.

Do you REALLY need that condiment? I didn’t think so.


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