It doesn’t matter what the occasion is, the right hat can complete any outfit. Our favourites are so varied we have a hat for all our outfits.

Our event calendar is full until next year and with the summer sun expected to make a full appearance throughout the season, our favourite hats are both stylish and practical.

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The bucket hat

Long before it was re-named the bucket hat, ispoti has always been a practical and casual hat choice. It’s a great hat to carry in your bag and can finish your casual outfit, giving it a streetwise nod to SA’s ’90s kwaito culture.


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Photo by Alera Ruben from Pexels

The boater hat has docked

You may not be sailing the open seas or anywhere near a boat, but a boater hat is always a classy addition to your wardrobe. Choose a straw boater hat to check off another summer hat trend.

Panama hat

It doesn’t get more exotic than combining the best features of a fedora and a wide brim sun hat.

A Panama hat has a medium brim and all the classical stylings of a fedora. Give a classic twist to your summer outfits with a neutrally coloured Panama hat that goes well with just about anything.

Photo by Renato Abati from Pexels

The floppy hat is not a flop

The ‘undercover celebrity’ is one of our favourite beach and poolside looks and you just can’t complete this look without a giant floppy hat.

With an extra-wide, extra floppy brim, you get more sun protection when you’re outdoors. While it isn’t a practical hat for any activities where you need to see what’s happening around you, they’re great for lazing about in the sun.

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Photo by Mateo Almendares from Pexels

Return of the trucker cap

We loved the snapback cap when we were wearing it, but looking back at the pictures we all look like distant relations of Donald Duck. The humble trucker cap is back and we’re loving the variety of styles and statement prints they come in.

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