Although all proposals are sweet in their own way, some definitely take the cake!

Whether you’re a hopeless romantic or a complete cynic, everyone loves a good marriage proposal. Although all proposals are sweet in their own way, some definitely take the cake.

From the best moments to the worst fails, here is a roundup of some of the best (and worst) proposals immortalised on the Internet:

1. When nature calls, you have to answer!

There really are only two ways to react to something like this happening during your big moment. Luckily, the couple found it hilarious and didn’t let it ruin their moment.

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Lesson to all – if you’re proposing with kids around, make sure they hit the bathroom before you get down on one knee.

2. “Lip-sync with me for the rest of my life.”

If you ever wanted to be proposed to by all your friends and family running at you lip-syncing then I hate to disappoint you, it’s already been done…

3. Flash mob

This is by far my favorite proposal on YouTube. I’ve never wanted a public proposal, but if I did, a flash mob would be the perfect way to do it!

4. Cheerleading squad coming in!

This school teacher had a big surprise when her soon-to-be hubby put on a show with the cheerleaders to ask for her hand in marriage!

5. Two proposals at once

This woman decided to propose to her girlfriend, without knowing that her girlfriend had planned on proposing as well…

While the quality of this video is not great, it’s too sweet not to include!

6. The balloon that got away…

This guy decided that the most romantic way to propose to his girlfriend, would be is to tie a ring to a heart-shaped balloon. Unfortunately, with all the excitement, the balloon was accidentally released. And there went the ring…

7. Down in the waterfall

This couple’s romantic hike turned haywire, when the ring fell into the waterfall!

8. A year-long proposal

This video is a little on the longer side, but it’s worth it…

Every day for an entire year, this guy took a picture of himself with a sign asking his girlfriend to marry him. Finally, one day, he shows her a video of him asking her to marry him over and over again!