Consuming foods with protein and fibre can help speed up your weight-loss efforts.

Protein and fibre are often regarded as two of the most beneficial nutrients for weight loss. These nutrients will help you to feel satiated much quicker than many other foods. This can help prevent you from overeating and taking in calories unnecessarily.

Legumes and beans

Foods that contain both of these nutrients include legumes and beans. Some people tend to find beans and legumes a bland and uninteresting food to eat. If you are one of them, consider trying our new recipes containing these foods.

Enjoy new flavours

There are endless ways as to how you can include them in your diet. For example, you could cook a curry, throw them into a casserole, add them to vegetable smoothies or even to salads. Experiment and be creative with recipes. Being open minded can help you a lot in this regard. Do not be afraid to try new tastes and flavours.

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