We’ve spoken before about the need to be a little more vigilant than average with our personal care towels. While many people don’t wash bathroom towels regularly, they’re an easy haven for germs and mould, and need to ideally be dried in-between uses as well as run through the laundry regularly…

Would you be horrified if we told you there might be a worse contender for the title of ‘germiest towels in the house’, however?

It may be a little freaky to consider, but our kitchen towels may actually be the worst germ-holders of all. It doesn’t even matter if you keep an organised kitchen and use your towels for single purposes… they’re still highly likely to be harbouring a scary amount of nasty bacteria.

It’s a concerning trend, as we take great pains to wipe down out dishes and kitchen surfaces with hygienic cleaners – then dry everything with a towel that may just be smearing bacteria and germs back into place!

As with the bathroom, kitchens can be germy by nature, but there are a few things you can do to ensure your pretty cotton dish towels don’t turn into bacteria central.

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  • Launder them frequently (at least twice a week), and on a high heat that kills germs. If need be, keep a few spare sets to swap in and out, as daily changing is actually ideal.
  • Be sure to spread them out to dry after use, so mould can’t grow on the damp fabric between washes.
  • And get into the habit of kitchen vigilance – don’t prepare your raw meat with a towel lying nearby, ready to receive splashes of meat juice to feed bacteria.
  • If you wipe up a meat or veggie spill, toss the towel in the wash immediately – don’t reuse it.

With a little vigilance, it’s possible to keep your kitchen towels clean and hygienically fresh, so get into good kitchen habits today!