We spend a lot of time on tips and tricks designed to help you have a seamless DIY experience and a swift clean-up in the home – but what about you?

Did you know that most painting smears and drips aren’t caused by your DIY efforts themselves, but by you accidentally brushing against or smearing paint where you don’t want it?

Never again, with these simple preparation tips on hand.

Hopefully, we all know to use drop cloths when we paint, but it’s always worth taking a second to make sure you are using the right type of drop cloth.

  • Plastic sheeting should be your number one choice as it’s impermeable.
  • If your drop-cloths are made of fabric, make sure it’s been made impervious to liquids, or chances are any paint spills will merely seep through into your furniture anyway.
  • Be sure to use some spare scrap newspaper under your paint cans, and don’t place them directly on the drop cloths either.
  • You probably already have a set of ‘painting clothes’ you don’t mind getting dirty, but there’s always a few things we don’t consider.
  • Add a bandanna to the mix to cover your hair (it’s great to keep out dust from drilling, concrete or wooden DIY jobs too) and take a lot of care if you use prescription glasses.
  • Swap to an old, no-longer-used pair of glasses if you can, or gently rub some bar soap across your lenses and buff up to add a protective layer if you can’t. Never scratch or scrape at dried paint to remove it, or you could damage your expensive lenses! Paint removers like turpentine are safe on most glass, but can damage finishes such as anti-glare, so take care.
  • Lastly, smear a little lotion on your exposed skin before you start painting. This will create a barrier-layer that will make paint droplets far easier to wipe off once you’re done.

With a little care and attention to your space – and yourself – painting needn’t be a messy job after all.

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