Bonang Matheba’s appearance on The Breakfast Club has her followers in South Africa talking

The media and radio personality did not hold back during her interview on the popular American radio show.

Bonang revealed why she wears a huge rock on her ring finger, her plans to conquer America in 2020 and why she loves South African men.

Breakfast Club hosts Charlamagne tha God and DJ Envy were impressed with Queen B’s success in SA and wanted to know more about the 32-year-old star, who won ‘African Influencer of the Year’ at the recent E! People’s Choice Awards,

Here’s a look at some of the interesting titbits from Bonang’s interview


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Planning to conquer USA

Bonang discussed her big plans to move to America in 2020. Queen B is set to make New York her new home after the Sun Met, which will take place in Cape Town in February next year. Bonang’s bubbly, House of BNG, is an official celebration partner.

She told the The Breakfast Club hosts that she wants to experience success in another country besides South Africa.

“It’s a challenge. I’m somebody who always wants to push the envelope. I’ve done many things at home and I think there is still that American dream for a lot of Africans and a lot of South Africans. When you come here and realise your dream, like Trevor Noah and Charlize Theron… America is the pinnacle when it comes to entertainment,” she said.


Wearing her ‘stop nonsense’ ring

DJ Envy noticed that Bonang had a ring on her engagement ring finger and asked her if she was married. Queen B revealed that is was a “stop nonsense ring” that she wore to deter some men from approaching her.

Bonang revealed that most men don’t approach her with romantic offers.

“They don’t, they actually do not, and it is okay… men in general are a tough category. They are a very tough wall to break down. Men are strange hey. It’s just tricky,” she said.

Queen B added that she will have kids in the future but is focusing on her career for now. Bonang said she is waiting for a “nice guy”. She said she likes “tall, dark, beautiful African men”


Being compared to Kim Kardashian

Charlamagne tha God said that when he tries to describe Bonang he compares her to Kim Kardashian but that doesn’t feel right. Queen B noted that they have two different brands.

“I am not like Kim Kardashian at all. I was on television and radio prior to starting my reality show. I think my reality show was like, ‘Please can you do it because we want to see how your life happened… but there are aspects of her business that I really admire.”