Ensure that every day is a good hair day by stocking up on these haircare products that our beauty writers can’t live without…

At All4Women, we’re doing our best to ensure that every day is a good hair day, which means we’ve tried just about every haircare product out there in search of the ones that we can’t live without – and we’ve found them.


While everyone in our beauty team has very different hair, which means that we’re all looking for something a bit different from our haircare products, these are the ones that everyone agrees are absolute must-haves…

Batiste Dry Shampoo

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If you only buy one thing on this list, this has to be it!

No one in our beauty team can live without dry shampoo; it is the ultimate time-saving product, and it not only allows you to extend time between washes, it also gives your hair volume and movement – even those with incredibly fine hair – and it smells great. Do yourself a favour and stock up on this haircare must-have; you’ll thank us!

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Davines More Inside Curl Building Serum
Carlton Hair Salons

Those of you with natural waves or curls know the pain of trying to keep those waves intact while keeping the frizz at bay. Beauty writer Tamlyn has tried many creams, mousses and serums to help her waves stay in place, but many of them make her hair crunchy, hard and a bit oily, which is why she was overjoyed when she finally tried out the Davines More Inside Curl Building Serum.

“It brings out the best of my natural waves, keeps frizz at bay and feels great, too.” A must-try for anyone with a natural kink in their hair!

Dark and Lovely Moisture Plus Light Oil Moisturiser

We all want shiny, hydrated, healthy hair, and this product will help you get just that. It gives dull, lifeless hair that boost, adding moisture without leaving your hair looking and feeling too oily. The moisture-seal technology will ensure all the goodness is locked in, so that the effects are long lasting. A hair care must-have indeed!

L’Oreal Professional Serie Expert Silver Shampoo

If you’re blonde – especially if your hair is dyed blonde – you’ll know how dry your hair can get and that, from time to time, that blonde starts to look more and more orange. It is super important to not only keep your hair hydrated, but to help your colour, and this shampoo does both those things seamlessly.

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Garnier Ultimate Blends Conditioner

“Oh, how I love my super flat, lifeless hair,” said no one ever! If only there was a way to always have that bouncy, volume-filled hair everyone seems to have after a salon visit… Well, we’ve found the next-best thing. All4Women editor, Sasha, swears by the Garnier Ultimate Blends range as it gives her hair loads of body. The fact that it’s also a super affordable drug store buy is one huge added bonus!