Mr Price’s Black Friday runs online from 25 November to 29 November and on Cyber Monday which is on 2 December 2019. Here’s how you can take advantage of all their deals:

On Black Friday, Mr Price is not an easy store to get around in. The lines to the fitting room, to the till and even to get in sometimes are long and demotivating.

Here’s how to beat the crowds and queues

Choose a “quiet” Mr Price. You know the one in that random strip mall that’s almost always empty? That’s the one you need to visit this Black Friday. It will be much easier to shop there.

If you want to beat the fitting room line at Mr Price, then its time to go against the number one shopping rule of always trying on everything. By items that you’re pretty sure will fit you and if they don’t you can always return them a week later.

Don’t head straight for the big sale sign and grab everything there. Snoop around the lonely isles that everyone is ignoring. That’s where the Black Friday magic really is. You could find yourself leaving with a top for just 10 bucks.

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Do a quality check

Before you pay for anything, do a thorough inspection of your items. With all the Black Friday chaos going on, clothes can get damaged or stained and you don’t want to leave with a shirt with half the buttons missing.

Or just shop online

For all you online shopping queens, make sure you register to be notified of all the Black Friday deals to add to your online wish list beforehand.