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Sbahle Mpisane has regained 90% of her memory and says she knows who is responsible for the crash that almost ended her life

The fitness enthusiast spent months in hospital after her car veered off a road in Durban and burst into flames on Women’s Day in 2018. 

Almost 80% of her bones were broken, she had no memory of the accident, and the previous two years of her life were a blur.

Sbahle’s road to recovery has been long and hard but she remains positive. 

Speaking to Drum magazine, the 26-year-old revealed that she would often go back to the scene of the crash on Margaret Mncadi Avenue (the Victoria Embankment) to help her regain her memory.

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She told the publication she is now aware of who is to blame for the accident but did not mention the suspect’s name.

“I am so angry because I want him to reach out to me or to at least ask me how I’m doing. I am 100% certain about what happened, I know who was responsible for my accident.”

Sbahle added that the past three weeks have been “emotional” for her and she has been “reflecting a lot” on the crash

The wellness coach still has a brace on one of her legs and is learning how to walk again without any assistance. She took her first unassisted steps in July this year. 

Sbahle hasn’t let her injuries get in the way of living her best life. She continues to work out and often dresses up her leg braces to match her outfits. 

“Keep believing in every situation even when you feel like the odds are against you. See everything happening in your favor. Our faith and vision carries us into a world of possibilities,” she wrote on Instagram recently. 



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