Last updated on Jan 21st, 2020 at 01:39 pm

Want to see the beauty tips and tricks 5 of our A4W writers swear by? You’ve come to the right place…


Say Cheese

Lumka believes a confident smile can do more for you than make-up, and I’m with her on that one. She’s clearly a wise woman, because she’s a big fan of pairing that smile with a deep, bold lipstick for extra oomph.

Special sauce

A4W ed Sasha knows the value of a good serum – it’s generally the product in a skincare regime that makes the magic happen, and where you should be investing a little more money. Sasha is also pedantic about including your neck and chest area when you apply serum and other skincare products.

Want softer, firmer and glowing skin? Serums are the answer

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When in doubt…

Tamlyn believes if you’re ever in doubt, dipping your wand into the tube and adding another layer of mascara is a good solution. Since she also added dry shampoo and SPF as her no-fail beauty besties, I can now only assume that we’re somehow related and that Tam and I are spending Christmas together.

Keeping things clean

You’ve probably heard that you should cleanse your skin before bed approximately one million times, right? Jade says never skip your nightly face washing, and raises you clean hands and clean pillowcases.

If you have severe acne, buy yourself six cotton pillowcases and change the pillowcase you sleep on daily. As for the hands – regularly wash and/or sanitise your hands. it’s nearly impossible not to touch your face (we do it subconsciously), but do make an effort not to pick.

The trifecta

You didn’t think I’d leave out my own sage wisdom, did you? I swear by retinol, SPF and hyaluronic acid. Almost everything else is negotiable. And if you’re that way inclined, Botox in your 20s/30s goes a long way into your 40s and beyond.