Sparkling mirrors and glassware look gorgeous – but despite using the very best products out there, you may be feeling like you never get them…

Even when it looks like you’ve done a great job, streaks and grime seem to creep back immediately. What’s a smart home owner to do?

The secret may surprise you. Bartenders have long used wadded newspaper with a little methylated spirits to maintain that glorious shine that showcases their wares so well.

Unknowingly or not, they’re onto something – alcohol does come out tops in the ‘streak-free drying’ stakes for glass cleaning, while still cutting grease and lifting grime. Likewise, the loose weave of the newspaper is just what you need to absorb dirt and buff mirrors to a shine without scratches.

But it’s not as foolproof as it may seem – the alcohol in the methylated spirits is also prone to lifting free the printer’s ink, and you may just end up with dye smeared all over your mirror instead!

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Fortunately, there’s a better way…

  • Simply grab a cheap box of coffee filters.
  • They have the same tough-but-loose-woven construction as newsprint, without the pesky inks.
  • You can even buff your glass with the filter alone if you’d like a fully chemical-free experience.
  • We guarantee you’ll love the results.

For tough grime, however, you can use a little surgical or methylated spirits, or even some cheap vodka, to safely cut through the grease and bring back the shine.