If you’re finding even your best laundry efforts leave whites lacklustre, don’t despair!

A few easy tweaks to your laundry routine could be all you need to keep your whites from fading.

Firstly, realise that some whites do fade over time thanks to the thread composition. It’s more common, however, for invisible build-up of body soil and sweat to be the culprit.

For white items, aim to get them in the wash after one to two wears to stave this off. It’s also key to handle stains the second you can.

We know you’ll do this with obvious stains immediately, but this also includes near-invisible sweat marks, which will need the help of a paste of enzyme-based washing powder and water to break them down.

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Simply leave it on for 15 minutes and wash as normal.

You probably don’t need to be told to keep whites and coloured items separate, but it’s always worth repeating

If you need to wash them together, or have items with mixed colours in one garment, invest in a ‘dye catcher’, a small cloth pre-treated to attract any leaked dye in the water and save your garments.

This especially helps with that notorious bleed of pink and red motifs into white areas!

Rather than opting for a washing powder with bleach (although you can), you can also look for those with ‘blue’ technology, which will brighten up your whites with less chemical intervention. They work in a way similar to blue and purple shampoos for blondes, by cooling brassy tones that make white garments look yellowed.

And, of course, never overload your washing machine!

Fewer loads may be tempting, but it prevents suds and dirt rinsing away properly, leaving grungy results behind.

A few simple tweaks to your routine may be all you need to get the laundry results you crave.