If you notice your glasses are coming out of the dishwasher with white marks, you could have an issue with ‘hard’ water, or limescale buildup in your machine…

It’s rarer for South African municipalities than in other parts of the world, but if you’re using borehole water, you could be at risk.

The great news is that these marks are nothing but aesthetic issues caused by an excess buildup of minerals in the water, so there’s no concern for you other than looks.

Running a hot water and vinegar cycle through your dishwasher regularly will help keep this phenomenon at bay, as will ensuring you are using enough dishwasher salt during each clean cycle to ‘soften’ the water.

Many commercial ‘Rinse Aid’ and limescale-removing products will also ensure that glasses emerge gleaming.

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Be aware, however, that any form of painting on the glass – from commemorative markings on beer steins to pretty print patterns on glassware – will eventually fade off with these products.

If you wish to preserve their looks for longer, these items are always best left for gentle hand washing.

For already-stained glasses, it’s best to tackle them as soon as you notice the streaks, as the issue will only build up over time.

Add 2 hefty cups of 5% vinegar to some warm, soapy dishwater, and leave them to soak for 30 minutes. Then gently scrub off the residue.

Your glassware will be gleaming again in no time!