Here are some ideas for Christmas decorating on the cheap (because there’s nothing merry about starting the New Year broke)…

If your Christmas decorations are looking tired, here are some ideas to help you decorate on the cheap:

  1. Give old Christmas decorations a lick of paint with leftover white house paint or acrylic paint, add a sprinkle of glitter and BAM – the tired décor is as good as new. If you enjoy painting, you could paint patterns and pictures on old decorations to give them a fresh new and personalised look.
  2. Wrap and glue thin tinsel tightly around the faded baubles. When wrapped tightly, tired-looking tinsel appears fuller and gives an old bauble a fun, sparkly new look.
  3. Make new Christmas décor with natural objects for a nature-inspired Christmas. For example, string pinecones to hang in the tree and glue twigs together to create stars.
  4. Turn last year’s Christmas cards into Christmas décor by simply cutting out shapes like hearts and stars, punching a hole and threading some ribbon or twine through to attach to the Christmas tree.
  5. Pick bunny tails to add to festive table arrangements or Christmas wreaths. You could leave them natural or dye them with food colouring.
  6. Make your own salt dough decorations (click here for a tutorial).