One thing you never, ever want to do is to fall asleep, while drunk and travelling on a bus, in a foreign city

Parlotones frontman, Kahn Morbee shared this crucial advice earlier this week.

As the lead singer of one of the most successful South African music groups of all time, Kahn Morbee finds himself travelling to some of the most incredible cities and countries around the world.

When looking for travel tips and tricks, there’s no better place to turn than in the direction of experienced travellers and the singer definitely counts as one. So when the Tshisa Live team asked him for advice to share with anybody who is looking to add stamps to their passport, Kahn was more than happy to advise.

While he had plenty of tips about travelling overseas and choosing the right accommodation, Kahn saved his best advice for those who want to ensure that they don’t repeat some of his biggest mistakes. For instance, one of his pearls of wisdom was to warn travellers not to get drunk while using public transport in a foreign city.

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Kahn shared the crazy story of when he got drunk in London and passed out while taking a red bus tour

He said: “I’ve also fallen asleep drunk on a London red bus that stopped at the end of its trip where it parks and the driver woke me up. I had to find my way back to my accommodation in a city where everything kind of looked the same. It took me about three hours to walk and meander around and eventually made my way back to the correct destination at 7am.”

He summed up the experience by offering advice to travellers when he added, “My best piece of travel advice is not to fall asleep on the bus or the Tube.”

Considering that the Parlotones have some blockbuster tours lined up for 2020, we’re certain that the vocalist will be taking plenty of his own advice while abroad!

What is the biggest mistake you’ve made while travelling in another city?