For the last few days, many South Africans thought that Maps Maponyane had found love in the arms of Mrs Buns, an influencer who was after the presenter’s heart

It turns out that their entire ‘love affair’ was a well-thought-out marketing campaign.

Mrs Buns first caught our attention about a month after Maps launched his now popular restaurant Buns Out. The influencer, whose real name is Pamela Mtanga, dubbed herself ‘Mrs Buns’ and explained how she was on a mission to win Maps’ heart by visiting his burger joint.

The exchanges were cute and funny to begin with, but things escalated when Maps suddenly agreed to their ‘romance’ and even went on to take part in a ‘wedding’.

Before long, #MrandMrsBuns were married and the entire timeline was as involved in their special day as we’ve been for the now-famous #KFCProposal. It doesn’t hurt that the two looked like a genuinely cute couple:

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Amid dozens of inquiries about the future of their relationship, Pamela has revealed the truth about #MrandMrsBuns. Much to the disappointment of their biggest fans, she divulged that their relationship was staged

She revealed instead how it has become one of the most successful marketing campaigns of 2019.

Pamela explained, “I’m constantly trying to find new ways to approach influencer marketing & your reception of the MRS Buns alias has been amazing ❤️ I saw 4 articles, 1 job offer & my following increased.Thank you for bringing the campaign to life”.

She also confirmed that there was no relationship between her and Maps Maponyane when she confirmed that “No shot was shot” between the two of them.

Maps, who undoubtedly benefited from her campaign, thanked her for the creative marketing suggestion:

Pamela sent a sharp word to her critics who thought that her attempts to grab Maps’ attention were “desperate”.

Did you think that Mr and Mrs Buns’ romance was real?