Is your man withdrawing? Here’s how to explain his behaviour…

Any woman who’s actively following dating advice and is putting themselves out there will at some point deal with a man who is growing distant. It may be confusing trying to determine why men pull away, but it usually doesn’t have anything to do with you.

If you notice that a previously attentive man is showing signs of fleeing, one of these things is likely going on. And before you move your relationship forward, it’s important to consider if these are roadblocks that you can overcome.

1. He’s just not ready

You may have been communicating effectively that you’re playing for keeps (and if so, great job!), but this has him exiting stage left because he’s not ready for the commitment.

2. He’s scared to take the next step

One of men’s primary fears is the loss of freedom. He may be evaluating whether or not what he will gain by having you in his life is worth the inevitable loss of his sexual freedom, financial freedom or time.

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3. You’re experiencing “man time”

When a man gets involved in anything that consumes his attention (work, sports, hobbies, to name a few), he loses track of time. When he finally realises how much time has passed, he may be too afraid to call you and risk having to face how angry you may be.

Listen to your gut. If you’re dealing with a man who needs some space, you’ve got to give it to him or risk losing him for good

4. He thinks you’ve changed

You’re not being the same gal he started with. Instead of being easy-going, fun and clearly appreciating who he is, maybe he’s getting a taste of another side of you – someone who is hard to please, insecure, needy or just not fun anymore.

5. You’re not the one for him (or he’s not the one for you)

You may feel disappointed by this realisation at first, but in the end it’s for your benefit. If this is the case, sooner or later the relationship is going to end.

So, how can you tell which one of these is the cause of him being distant?

Listen to your gut. If you’re dealing with a man who needs some space, you’ve got to give it to him or risk losing him for good.

Too many women rob themselves from knowing their man wanted to be there by allowing personal fears to control what he did. How many women do you know who orchestrated their whole engagement? Plenty!

On the other hand, if you have a man who won’t give you what you need, the best thing you can do is let him go. Don’t be a woman who regrets how much time she spent in a relationship that didn’t go where you wanted it to.

Of course, if you are the reason he’s hitting the road, get whatever help you need to get yourself together. It’s okay to be scared and insecure because we all get that way sometimes, but make sure you are not letting yourself act out from that place.

Karen Jones is a dating coach, mentor, relationship coach, speaker and presenter. Visit her website for more information.

This article was first published on YourTango.