If you nag your kids to tidy up only to end up doing it yourself, these organisation hacks for kids’ rooms should help make cleaning a breeze…

In a small room, a kid’s playful mess can become overwhelming. While it’s often a sign of a good play session, at the end of the day it needs to be tidied up and mom shouldn’t be doing it alone.

Even young children can help tidy up and the easier you make it for them to put away their toys, the better.

Here are a few ideas to help organise the rooms of preschool to primary school aged children and help them learn to keep it clean…

1. Storage bins for toy rotation

If you feel overwhelmed by the number of toys in your child’s room, imagine how they feel.

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It’s no wonder why they throw all their toys out and struggle to put them back. The irony is that kids don’t actually need lots of toys to play and some child development experts even argue that having too many toys stifles a child’s creativity and may even reduce play.

So here’s an idea – buy a few large storage bins and pack a collection of toys into each one. Make that the toy collection for the week and pack all the rest into your garage or a cupboard. At the end of the week, pack the toys back, taking out broken toys for repair or recycling, and take out the next bin.

When playing with your child, take note of the toys they gravitate towards and what’s ignored. If your child isn’t playing with certain toys, set them aside for donation.

Shared kids’ room ideas

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