Sho Madjozi’s fans rarely get to see her natural hair. The singer is known for her colourful braided hairstyles

But the John Cena hitmaker gave her followers a glimpse of her natural hair this week and let’s just say that even Rapunzel has her jaw on the floor.

Sho Madjozi told her fans that she is giving her hair a “rest” from braids – a protective style that has served her well over the years.

“A huge part of hair growth is genetics. Buuut how you treat your hair can make a difference. Three years of gentle braiding, moisturising and minimal heat… my hair has never been this long before,” the singer wrote on Twitter.

Sho Madjozi decided not to braid her hairstyle in one of her trademark hairdos. She opted two cornrows instead.

“I’m resting it for a couple of days with this style.”

The SAMA-award winner was feeling herself after showing off her hairdo and shared more pictures

“It’s kindov cute for a resting style,” she tweeted.

Sho Madjozi’s fans praised her for showing off her natural hair and sharing her haircare tips

Some even shared their own.

“I agree how you treat your hair plays a role. Mine didn’t grow much until I stopped putting relaxer and grew it naturally and it’s never been longer as it is now and I never thought it could grow so much,” one woman wrote.

But some felt that the singer’s long and thick locks were all down to genetics and not necessarily good haircare tips.

“GENETICS… What hair influencers need to emphasise on whenever they feel like giving people advice on maintaining good hair… It’s honestly genes more than anything else,” one woman wrote.

Sho Madjozi replied that genes did play a huge part.

“Yup. That’s why I started with genetics are a huge part. Maybe for some it’s not possible. Askies. Hair is overrated anyway.”