The word ‘shady’ has gained quite the reputation, but when you’re outdoors on a hot summer’s day, you learn to appreciate the word’s original meaning.

Without mature trees and the sun coming from the wrong direction, finding natural shade in your yard can be difficult. Here’s how to bring on the shade.

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 Awnings are back for a reason

Home décor just wasn’t the same after we all saw awnings as dated and unnecessary. After a much-needed makeover, we’re glad to have them back and have a newfound appreciation for awnings.

Now available in automatically retractable varieties, aluminium and modern shapes, awnings are a great way to create small shady areas around doors, windows and patios.

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Extend your awnings to cover larger areas if you have the space and protect your home the sun while you create shade for your time outdoors. Awnings are also a great way to protect your windows from rain and dust and can save you on window washing days.

The party tent

A quick, easy and cost-effective way to get temporary shade in your yard is a gazebo. Choose a size that suits the number of guests you have and the size of your yard and you have a party tent just waiting to be decked out.

Gazebos can look unattractive if left as they are. For an extra special event, decorate your gazebo and you can have a themed party tent.

They’re a great outdoor accessory to have because they can also be packed up and used outside the home to bring shade to any picnic spot or camping ground.

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Trendy shade sails

If you have a small yard, there aren’t many options that provide shade for your outdoors without blocking the sun from brightening your indoor spaces.

The shade sail is really trendy right now for big and small gardens alike because it can be used as semi-permanent shade and comes in different colours, shapes and styles.

The shade sail is a great option for almost any home and the best thing about it is that you can leave it out all summer or take it down every evening; it is just that easy to put up once your hooks are in place.

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