A blunt pair of scissors can be a never-ending frustration. Just as with our kitchen knives, it’s important to keep them in tip-top condition to get the results we need…

Yet, while you’ll find commercial knife sharpeners easily available, it can be a lot more frustrating tracking down a specialist scissor sharpener. What’s a smart person to do? Try this neat solution, of course!

All you’re doing when you ‘sharpen’ an item, is removing a fine layer of swerf, or ‘steel filings’, to recreate a sharper slicing edge. We can achieve the same effect as a fancy specialist sharpener by folding over a section of tin foil the length of your scissor’s blades.

Make sure it’s folded into about 7-10 layers. Now slice cleanly into the folded aluminium foil several times, and the cutting edge will re-hone.

Simple, smart and cheap – what’s not to love? Keep your scissors in top condition, and never face the frustration of blunt blades again.

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